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Music Department                                                                                                                                                     Media Department

Minister of Music:    Bro. LarTey Cade

Director:                     Bro. Mark Archibald

Drummers:                Bro. Shawn Scarborough

                                      Bro. Jaden Hunter 

Piano Player              Bro. Roger Kittrell II


Horn                            Bro.Bobby Horne  

For a donation of your chose please

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"Never Alone"

by the Truevine Mass Choir

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir is made up of  young male and female singers between the ages of two and eighteen years of age. The Junior Chior sing every 2nd Sunday.

President:        Evangelist Selena Hunter

Treasurer:        Sis. Tempye McKoy

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir is made up of senior men and women. They rehearse the Saturday before the 1st. Sunday and sing every 1st Sunday.


President:      Sis. Joanne Thomas

Secretary:      Sis. Judy Turner 

Eli Ratcliff Singer's

The Eli Ratcliff Singer's are made up of elite male and female voices. This choir has been together for over 40 years and sing every 4th Sunday.

President:                 Bro. Leon Foster

Vice- President:      Sis. Alteen Horton

Male Chorus

The Male Chorus is a choir made of males of all ages. They sing on 3rd Sunday.

President:              Trustee Hampton Bunch

Vice-President:    Deacon Curtis Boykin

Secretary:               Deacon Singleton McGeachy

Lincoln Park Holiness Church has a proud history of spreading the gospel through media outlets. That mission is still growing and evolving. Currently we are using the world wide web to win souls on 2 internet radio stations; NFI Gospel Radio ( You can also find us on facebook that allows our members to interact through social media. 

Videographer:  Bro. Jonathan Denning 

Media Production: Bro. D'Andre Johnson

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