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Bishop Eli Ratcliff, Sr., was born on March 15, 1907 in a little town called Lilesville, North Carolina, to

A Methodist Minister named Jefferson Ratcliff, who was the eldest of 15 siblings. Being the eldest son he had to work hard to help his parents raise the others. His father founded a small church in Lilesville called Thomas Chapel, where he taught his own children to worship God in the fullest.

Eli Ratcliff, Sr., married Ophelia Flowers and they were blessed with three children of their own, Eli, Edward,and Elizabeth. Later they moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and joined in worship at Cotton Street Church. The family later left there to minister with Mt. Calvary Holiness Church.

Bishop Eli Ratcliff, Sr. could see that God was placing a vision in his spirit to move on in the name of Jesus. He obeyed God and established his own small church in East Raleigh which he very proudly named Lincoln Park Holiness Church. Amazingly, God sent enough people from the neighborhood to join in with his family and friends to begin a great church on the corner of Heath and Cross Street. The Church grew rapidly and soon a congregation filled the sanctuary. 

Bishop Eli Ratcliff, Sr. taught his son Eli, to look ahead, keep the vision that God had given to him alive  and work with the people who were concerned about pleasing God. 

Bishop Eli Ratcliff, Sr. was called to rest on September 22, 1957.

Eli Ratcliff, Jr. truly respected his father’s leadership and his wishes honoring the presence of the Lord. His father’s vision and legacy would live on as True Vine Pentecostal Holiness Churches, Inc., now known as Truevine Assembly of Pentecostal Churches, Inc. under the leadership of the late Bishop Eli Ratcliff, Jr. whose “Main Objective was Winning Souls.”

The Headquarters of Truevine Assembly is Lincoln Park Holiness Church where the torch was passed

on to  his grandson, General Overseer William Eli Ratcliff as Pastor, shortly after the passing of the late Bishop Eli Ratcliff, Jr. on March 10,2015


The vision and legacy continues on in the name of the Lord.

THE BUILDER:           





Bishop Eli Ratcliff, Jr., the past Senior Bishop of TrueVine Assembly of Pentecostal Churches, Incorporation, was born on March, 16, 1929 in Lilesville, NC to the late Bishop Eli Ratcliff, Sr. and The Late General Mother Ophelia Flowers Ratcliff Burrell. He attend public school in Lileville, NC. and also Washington Elementary in Raleigh, NC. and graduated from I.C. Norcom High School in the Tidewater area of Virginia. While at Norcom High School he was a track star and was known as the fastest runner on the “Greyhounds” football team, wearing the number 15 with great pride.

Eli, Jr. returned to Raleigh and worked as a chef for some of the most well known restaurants in the state of North Carolina. He was instrumental in opening and managing a few for J.W. York Associates.

On May 29, 1951, Eli married his neighborhood sweetheart, Margaret Nichols. God blessed them to be proud parents of two sons, William Eli and Clarence Edward, and one daughter, Patti Elizabeth.

After the passing of his father in 1957, he accepted the call to the ministry and was installed as Pastor of Lincoln Park Holiness Church on the first Sunday of October 1959 and served for over fifty-five years. Eli, Jr. presided as president over True Vine Pentecostal Holiness Churches, Incorporated now known as Truevine Assembly of Pentecostal Churches, Incorporated and was ordained as Bishop over this Assembly in 1965. He accepted this honor that was bestowed upon him with the Rev. William S. Tolbert presiding. Others attending the ordination were – Bishop B.F. Alston, Bishop Jerome Brown, Bishop W.A. Jones, Rev. J.W. Bagwell, Rev. James Harris, Bishop Watkins, Mother Ophelia Ratcliff Alston, and Bishop Maude  Pope. God’s presence was with the Assembly on that historic day, and Eli, Jr. was truly grateful. He served as Senior Bishop until he departed this earth. Under his leadership Lincoln Park Holiness Church was designated the headquarters for Truevine Assembly of Pentecostal Churches, Inc..

On March 10, 2015 Senior Bishop Eli Ratcliff, Jr. accepted his final call. He graciously accepted God’s invitation to enter into His Glory.



                                                    TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!

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